So some of you may have noticed a little change on our home page yesterday. If you’ve stopped by today, you’ll notice that it’s changed yet again.

Work for Pie

This change is a bit more subtle, but it’s more meaningful for us. It represents a shift back to where we started–our awesome community of developers. Truth is, we’ve gone way too long without making meaningful improvements to the Work for Pie developer community. We’ve been listening to your feedback for quite some time, but the work on our company pages has forced us to move many of those suggestions to the back burner.

No more.

Starting today (well, a few weeks ago actually), we’re shifting our focus toward significantly improving our developer community. Here’s what that means, at least to start:

  • Additional sources. In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding sources like Codeplex and others, so that Work for Pie is accessible to a wider group of developers.
  • Better connections. Developers want to discover fellow developers. We want to make that easier. Soon, you’ll be able to connect with collaborators, with folks who use common technologies, and with folks in your geographic region.
  • More meaningful content. Our goal is to make the Work for Pie a useful tool for learning. That goes far beyond a simple profile that lists your open source repositories and gives you a score. We can’t wait to show you what we have in mind.

We want your feedback and input! We’re building this community for you, so we need you to tell us what you’d like to see next. The best way to start is by filling out this brief survey.

And by the way, the idea of connecting developers with awesome companies is, and will remain, a big part of what we’re building at Work for Pie. If your company wants to get set up (it’s free), just send them here.