Many of you may be familiar with Marc Andreessen’s now-famous essay, Why Software Is Eating the World. For quite some time, we heartily believed his message. In fact, his essay directly supports one of the reasons why we originally started Work for Pie. That is, if more and more companies are becoming software companies, then there should be an easier way for talented developers to discover the companies that are hiring.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t worked out too well. One reason is that many companies rely on technical recruiters to source candidates for their open positions, and this turns out to be an extremely effective recruiting method. It’s easy to copy and paste technology buzzwords, and email every programming user group listed on

How can we ever compete with that?

Well, we can’t. So, in true startup fashion, we’ve decided to pivot. It’s quite amazing that we haven’t changed focus earlier. In fact, when I talk with fellow developers, I consistently get asked the same question when I start describing Work for Pie. That is, “did you bring pie?” And I’ve always had to sheepishly answer that question with a negative.

No longer.

Starting today, we’re happy to announce the new direction for our company – Asian-Bistro-inspired baked goods. And this new direction also comes with a new name. Welcome to Wok of Pie.

Starting soon, we’ll begin taking orders for some of our finest culinary creations, including:

  • Ginger-Crusted Blueberry Cream Pie
  • American Apple Wasabi Pie
  • General Tso’s Cheesecake
  • Egg Role Éclairs

We think you’ll like what we’re cooking up, but we’d love to hear more about what you’d like! Give us a shout on twitter (@workforpie).