Our vision is that one day soon, online recruiting will actually work better than offline recruiting. We’re a far cry from that now–word of mouth is still the best way to find out about great candidates and great companies–but we’re getting closer. We’ve removed some of the traditional barriers between companies and candidates, we’ve encouraged more honesty and transparency on both sides, we’ve given candidates a means by which they can express interest without applying for a job, and we’ve made it more possible than ever for a developer to discover the companies that suit him or her best.

We’re promoting The Work for Pie Way everywhere we can. We’re sponsoring developer conferences across the country, and we’re advertising Work for Pie wherever there are developers looking for jobs. We’re making our users aware of companies as they join the community and soon we’ll be highlighting some of our companies on our homepage and our blog.

You can help us spread the word. The first and most obvious way is to share your company page. Share it with employees, with Twitter followers, and with Facebook fans. Ask your employees to share it with their networks. Link to it from blog posts and even from your company homepage. Every time you have the opportunity to share, do it.

Work for Pie should be the final destination for all of your other recruiting efforts. If you post jobs on other sites, link them back to your company page. If you regularly attend conferences and meetups, get business cards made with the company page url. If your careers page doesn’t focus on culture or, worse, if you don’t have a careers page, then use your company page as an alternative. Why? Because great recruiting is all about relationships, and sometimes relationships take time. Job boards and recruiters and all the other options pressure potential candidates for an immediate “apply” or “don’t apply” decision, but sometimes–a lot of the time–a decision that black and white isn’t really feasible. A major tenet of the Work for Pie Way is that developers should be able to start a relationship with a company before they apply for a job. They should have the option to date before they get married.

How many relationships do companies throw away because a potential candidate likes what he sees, but isn’t quite sure yet?

By directing all of your recruiting traffic to your Work for Pie Company Page, you’ll be giving your potential candidates a pressure-free way of staying in touch. Not convincing them to apply today no longer means that you’ve lost them forever. With Work for Pie, they can follow your company, and when that dream position comes along, or when they’ve finally had it with their current position, you’ll be there. It’s called “building a bench,” and we think it’s pretty priceless.