There are four final elements of written content for your company page: the tech section, the “Week in the Life” section, the employee quote section, and press links.

For now, the tech section is fairly straightforward – simply add the programming languages, frameworks, and tools that you use on a regular basis. In the future, we hope to expand the tech section with specific projects, blog posts, presentations, etc.. Stay tuned!

The week in the life section is straightforward as well. You’re given some space to describe the content: “There are no typical weeks at Work for Pie, but, on average, these are the kinds of things you might encounter on any given week.” Then, you have space to add the percentage points and the description.

It’s best to limit this section to six or fewer items, but if you’d like to add more there’s nothing holding you back. Also, keep in mind that the percentages normalize to 100, so if your math is off or you miss an item, the other percentages will increase or decrease to make everything equal 100.

Next is the employee quote section. Right now, there’s only room for two, but as we expand the company pages there’ll be room for more. Quotes look best if they’re between 25 and 50 words.

And finally, we come to the press section (external links in setup). The idea here is to show off some of your stuff. It doesn’t have to be limited to press. It could be a Github repo, or your blog, or even your company homepage. It doesn’t matter, so long as it’s interesting to your prospective employees.

That’s about it for content (except job posts, which we’ll cover in another blog post). Please keep in mind that if you every run into trouble or need advice we’re here – reach out at hello@workforpie.com or @workforpie on Twitter.