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tl:dr Setting up a company page on Work for Pie is now free, and for a limited time it’s also free to post up to two jobs. You can sign up here.

Our mission at Work for Pie? To completely change the way software developers find a job. Why? Because the way it happens today makes zero sense. If you compare the process to dating–as so many do–then the way it works today is the equivalent of walking into a bar, looking around a bit, and finding the man or woman of your dreams sitting in the corner. Sure, it happens, but it takes a whole lot of luck.

So we set out to change things. A few months ago we launched Work for Pie for Companies. The concept was simple: allow companies to build rich single-page profiles that tell a story: what is it like for a developer to work here.

Mosaik Solutions

Our vision was to create a place where developers could discover and explore great companies. Visitors could apply to open positions (quickly and easily with their Work for Pie profiles), or they could follow the company to stay up to date. They could even follow a company anonymously if they want things to stay at arms length to start. And everything was built based on extensive research and feedback from developers themselves. We knew we were giving them the kind of job search and company discovery they wanted.

Mosaik Solutions-1

There was just one problem: we charged companies from the beginning. We’re a small startup with limited funding, so we chose revenue over growth. This was a mistake. Our approach was novel, and we prevented many from adopting it because the barriers to simply trying it out were too high.

Starting today, we’re remedying that situation. From this point forward, it’s completely free to set up a company page on Work for Pie. And, for a limited time, it’s also completely free to post up to two jobs. You can get started right here. We’ve made the setup process much easier too. Most fields are optional, so companies can complete what they can now, and come back later to finish the rest. The entire process is self-serve. There is no “fill out a form and we’ll get back to you soon.” Everything is much simpler, as it should have been from the start.

And it works. Our existing clients are already seeing success with Work for Pie. One in particular recently said:

“What Work for Pie does for us is it makes the better candidates really well-informed. They’ve studied our page, so they know what we’re all about, and they’ve already decided that they want to be part of the team. Usually getting to that point takes a lot more time. It’s been a great benefit for us.”

We like the sound of that, and we want to give great companies everywhere the chance to see the same success. So try it out, give us feedback, and do it all for free. Sign up here.