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Here at Work for Pie we talk a lot about how we can make the arduous task of finding a job a whole lot better. We started with an improved resume (our developer profiles) and figured (wrongly) that it might be enough. Our first business model looked a lot like the model that most of our competition has adopted. We were going to build a community of talented people in a particular niche, and then charge companies to recruit them via a bolt-on, old-fashioned job board. Sure, we were going to do some stuff to make our job board a little better (like keeping out headhunters), but the general plan was “do what’s been successful in the past.”

Thankfully, we changed our minds. The more we thought about it, the more we realized that our original plan was Version 1.1 thinking. V1.1 thinking is the enemy of groundbreaking innovation. In a nutshell, it’s the process of improving incrementally on what came before. V1.1 thinkers say “if I do things a little better than the last guy, I can have some success.”

Version 2.0 thinking is, by contrast, a much riskier but potentially much more rewarding proposition. V2.0 thinkers say “let’s pretend this market doesn’t yet exist and build it from the ground up with that in mind.” Virtually every groundbreaking innovation has come from a v2.0 approach. The original iPhone is a v2.0 product. It came from Steve Jobs and his colleagues saying “okay, let’s completely rebuild the telephone, using the technology that’s available to us today.” Dropbox is a v2.0 product. It came from Drew Houston saying “let’s imagine the file system doesn’t exist and build it from the ground up with the technology we have at our disposal today.” Alas, companies like WebVan and (the original version of) Color were, or at least attempted to be, v2.0 products too. The approach definitely has its share of flame-outs, but perhaps it’s better to burn out than to fade away anyway…

Our vision for Work for Pie is now decidedly in the v2.0 category. Every new release is our (so far only partial) answer to the “what if the process of finding a job didn’t yet exist?” question. We’re not interested in “a little bit better.” We want to build something that’s truly revolutionary.

We’ve learned a few things too. We know, for instance, that something like 75% of working adults would consider a new position if offered the right opportunity. We also know that job satisfaction is highly correlated to fit, and that fit is more important than salary, or benefits, or just about anything else. We know that discovering a company and a team that fits is harder than it should be.

So we’re re-building “find a job” from the ground up, using the technology we have at our disposal today. We’re building a place where technical job seekers–even if they’re just curious–can discover and learn more about amazing companies.

Mango Languages

We’re making the process of connecting with these companies easy, and we’re letting our users choose how they connect and how much information they disclose.

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We’re building a spam-free platform where company quality is significantly more important than company budget.

We’re just getting started. There are bits that are still somewhat crude, and there are tons of features that we haven’t yet been able to build. But we’re plugging away, and we’re making improvements, and we’re dedicated to doing things the right way, even if that also means that we’ll be doing them the hard way.

We need your feedback. Tell us what you’d like to see and where we’re not delivering as we should. We’ll do our best to get better. You can give feedback here or email us directly (info@workforpie.com) with your thoughts.

We also need your help. We need to grow. It’s as simple as that. The benefits for all involved grow exponentially as more companies and developers join our ranks. When we first launched our company pages, we made joining up too difficult. We charged a monthly fee, and we required a credit card for a free trial. Starting now, we’re eliminating the fee. Companies can set up a company page on Work for Pie for free. So, if you have developer friends, encourage them to sign up, and if you own or represent a company, sign up to build a company page! Even if you’re not currently hiring, Work for Pie is a great place to connect with folks you may want to hire in the future. It’s worth doing now. Finally, if you work for a company, tell them about us. Tell them that what we’re doing is the kind of thing people like you can get behind. And tell them to get signed up!

Thanks in advance. We’ve got some amazing things coming. We’ll be in touch again soon!