Probably the most flexible, and arguably most important, section of the company profiles is the Three Keys section. It’s the space where you tell prospective partners, fans, and employees what you’re all about.

Okay, so this example from Aperture Laboratories probably isn’t the best.

This is a bit better. Here, Simple Focus does a great job of telling the visitor what’s most important to them as a company. The headlines preview the content below and actually make you want to read it.

The title should be two to four words, and the content should be somewhere between 50 and 100 words apiece. It’s more appealing visually if the content sections are around the same length, so keep that in mind as you’re working.

If you’re having trouble, it helps to think of the Three Keys as answers to the following questions:

1) What do we do? (these are the kinds of problems we’re solving)

2) Why do we do it? (this is how we’re changing the world or this is the principle by which we function)

3) For whom do we do it? (these are our users or customers, and this is how we help them)

It may be worthwhile to make completing this section (and some of the others) a bit of a team building exercise. Have everyone from the team weigh in and vote on the best answers. We’ve even created a handy Trello Board to help you manage this.