As you know, this post, by now, is complete fiction.  Still, keeping a few things about the beginning of the whole process makes us happy, so it’s sticking around for now. 🙂


So, the good news is that we’re off to the races.  I’ve been working on the general layout of Work for Pie for a couple months now, and I’ve finally pushed most of the static pages – Splash for alpha, about, contact, etc. – to Heroku.  Having a decent design was paramount from the beginning, as most of the competitors in the space are just plain ugly.  Of course it might all change by the time it goes live, but it’ll work for now.  I’ve also got basic registration built out, and I’m plugging away at the more specific registration sections for both dreamers and doers.  Aside from a few database tables and a problem here or there, the work was pretty easy and I’m fairly pleased with the first iteration.

Future for static pages will probably include a re-design of the header section.  It looks pretty slick on the splash page with the overlapping sign up box and the tagline, but on the other pages there’s a log of empty space.  I’m sure that logged in users will get a different, smaller header at some point to make room for all the content below.

There’s a lot ahead.

The idea here is for each idea to have its own pod.  The initial view will include the name of the idea, a twitter length pitch, a place to rate both the idea and the presentation, and then expandable areas that allow you to comment on the idea, read more about it, and send a direct message to the founder.  I plan to use a little javascript accordian for the expandable area so it’s nice and Ajaxy and doesn’t pull you away from the main feed.

Then of course there’s a profile section and I’m thinking about what might go in the white space below the profile.  There’s certainly room for ads in the future, but right now I’ve got it mapped out to show “favorites.”

The challenge is coming up with a good way to get all the “additional information” about the idea into a view that doesn’t require a lot of scrolling.  Perhaps there’ll be another set of links in the expandable that’ll point the user to “about the founder,” “about the idea,” and “founder needs” sections.  Or maybe we’ll do “pitch,” “challenges, and “the plan.”  Just not sure yet.

For what it’s worth, I imagine the dreamer feed will look fairly similar, with many of the same options.  The only difference will be in the “additional information” expandable section.  Hackerbuddys uses a pretty slick graphical representation for hacker skill sets, but I’m not sure what we’ll end up doing.  In the beginning the skill sets will be fairly broad–“developer,” “business development,” “design,” and “marketing” maybe with perhaps a few more and then a place text section with the specifics like “Rails guru” or “iPhone dev.”  As the community expands the selectable categories will grow, so I’ll have to come up with a way to display that information in an easy to read fashion.

Anyway, that’s about it for tonight.  I’m pretty sure someone once said that “the secret to running a startup and having a day job was to learn to sleep four hours a night.”  Oh yeah, that was me…

Night all!